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The Photos - Che Guebara

Che Guebara was everywhere in Argentina.

Certainly there were many exibitions like this one.


And on the street here. Vandalism is often seen in the streets of Buenos Aires.


And there.


Here too.


Certainly the man is the symbol of a strike like this one.
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The Photos - Buenos Aires, La Boca

So folks, it took forever to post the photos. I will go by the area. I have also posted photos to the earlier posts.


Caminito in Barrio Boca. The colorful buildings are the creation by Pintor Benito Quinquera Martin, an artist born in Boca quarter.


And the gentlemen in the area. How beautifully they mixed with the scenery.


My favorite shop run by the independent artists. They sell the hand-made, quality avant-garde clothes.


Don't forget the rhythm.


Even if you may not dance like them!
by Haruka_Miki | 2008-04-04 00:04 |

The Photos - Buenos Aires, San Telmo Quarter & Centro


The quarter of San Telmo filled with many antique shops and the street mucisians.


I would say this area was the most joyful area and so "Buenos Aires". They had the best Basque restorante.


The classic of alltime. The famous Toritoni Cafe. Lucky that my hotel was close to the cafe. I became a fan and went there several times.


Go there in the morning to avoid the crowds and see the charming local gentlemen and ladies.


No she is not Kuroyanagi Tetsuko. She was... just amazingly herself!


Forgive me for shopping extravagantly at the department store when I am just a backpacker. At least the dress I got was super pretty.
by Haruka_Miki | 2008-04-04 00:00 |

The Movie Night in Buenos Aires

A friend of mine based in NY happened to be in Buenos Aires at the same time I am here. To make the most of this coincidence, we gather when there are any special events such as going to see the Argentinan ballet or other gatherings.

f0079502_4471519.jpgLast night, another friend of this friend based in Buenos Aires and working for a movie distributor invited us to the opening party for a new movie that is coming to the theaters soon. The movie is called "Tropa de Elite" or in English, "The Elite Squad". The movie has received the Golden Bear in the 2007 Berlin Movie Award.

The movie takes place in Rio de Janeiro depicting the special Police squads' daily lives from different dimensions. Taken in a reportage touch, although the movie is in Portueguese and the subtitle last night was in Spanish, the piece was certainly powerful enough to grasp the audiences' attentions like myself.

When I see a powerful movie like this, I feel strong about the power of the arts in general. I was lucky to be able to see this when I was in the South America. The movie was maybe too powerful for me that I even had a nightmare last night. That is a sign of an adovocative movie! I would definitely like to see this again once it comes to the theaters.

The official trailor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyAG8DWq7xw

The rating by The New York Times: http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/446890/Elite-Squad/overview
by Haruka_Miki | 2008-04-01 00:00 |

Argentina: I am in love

I feel that I am saying the same thing whenever I travel somewhere new but let me say aloud. I AM IN LOVE WITH BUENOS AIRES.

I have arrived to Buenos Aires last Saturday and I have to say that this is one of the cities I enjoy visiting very much at the same time I would love to live if I have a chance. Or, let me make that chance. The city has an amazingly beautiful architectures everywhere but more than that, I appreciate the atmosphere of this city. So selene, calm and yet so energetic. The mixture of the Italian culture as many of the people are from the region, then certainly the Latin American culture and the Spanish speaking culture create the harmony in such vivid colors. What I am in love about the city is probably the being of people. The people with the warm hearts with the esprits and the charms. Why in such a big city, people are not snob at all and rather warm and shy with the combination of passion?

For those who:
- Has the relaxing atmosphere
- Wants to live in peace and love
- Loves interacting with happy, open-minded and selene individuals
- Yet wants to enjoy the modern city life
- At the same time wants to be energetic
- Wants to live artistically
- Wants to learn Spanish badly
- Yet wants to advocate something
- Wants to do something new and chic
- Yet admires the history and old cultures
- Loves the Italian influenced, Spanish speaking Latin America
will enjoy living here so much.

The beauty of the city will be shown even through the photos taken so far. As soon as I find an internet cafe where I can download the photos, I am going to post them.
by Haruka_Miki | 2008-03-31 00:00 |

Chili: Andes with a Magician

Since I took off the Newark Intenational Airport, I have not seen a Japanese. No let me correct. I have not seen an Asian! Girl or boy, man or woman! I am certain that Chili has a Japanese community so this has been a bizzare experience for me. As far as what I know till now, I would see Japanese tourists anywhere from the desert in Morrocco to the wonderful old city in Uzbekistan. That is how we are..! So why not in Chili?

Anyway, thank you that some of you kept eyes on the last post. Obviously, I am travelling here and there both in terms of space and time. So, I happily jumped March and now my mind is in April. I will keep that as it certainly expresses my current mentality.

I have taken a bus from Santiago, Chili to Mendoza, Argentina today. Mendoza is a city in Andes famous for producing and exporting wines globally. Certainly I was happy to drink wines going from a Botega to another Botega but what made this trip even more exciting was meeting to a magician sat next to me.

One most enjoyable of a backpacking trip is certainly making a friend here and there. This time, I made a friend with a magician. Juan is a Chilian, a magician, an ex-lawyer, a husband to a beautiful wife and a father of two cute boys. We had such an enjoyable talk through the bus ride. For the past few days, I have speaking only Spanish (Let me correct, I am speaking only broken Spanish with the troubled smile when another person is spaking in the bullet-fast Spanish) and he was an unusual person spoken a perfect English.

We have talked about his family, his profession, the politics and so on. I enjoyed to talk to a person who changed his profession drastically and lived in different countries. It is certainly something, especially when you are in the middle of... Andes!

Anyway, as I did not feel like staying in Mendoza enjoying wine forever, I will be taking off to Cordoba, a hisotrical city now signed as the World Heritage city by UNESCO.
by Haruka_Miki | 2008-03-27 00:00 |

NYC: Easter Holiday

After ten hours of the flight delay from Detroit to NYC during the Midwest flood and the heavy blilzzard hitting the mid states, here I am enjoying the nice spring climate in the city. The airline N certainly turned down all the passengers as their flight at 17:05pm finally took off the Detroit Metropolitan Airport at 02:30am, we must have all thought our struggle has paid off after seeing this beautiful weather during the Easter Holiday.

NYC has been NYC as always. Welcoming (or just does not really care) atmosphere of who comes in and goes out of the city, the buildings standing right next to each other with the exceptions of several parks and people with different skin colors, eye colors and hair colors are all there just like as always.

The stay here has been as fun as usual meeting all the buddies here and there. Old buddies and new friends all gather for dinner and drink. I had a chance to attend a Estonian community home party one night, which I found a very refreshing and somehow nostalgic. Certainly, Japan and Estonia are so far from each other but I found many similarities to the general nature of people; a bit shy at first but quite laid-back folks!

Another night was the Columbian food with my girls. We talked about the random things and we wondered, how did we end up talking about all those subjects? Then we would say, well that was because we are women..

Today being the Easter, many people paraded the fifth avenue. Every one of them had an uniquely decorated hat specially made for the day. Everyone is just welcoming the spring has finally come and so do I. It is pity to miss the cherry blossom in Japan but I will try to substitute it with other spring activities!
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私が通った中学で教師をする友達の話では、私達が学生の時と比べ、この市を構成するエスニシティが大幅に変わり、市がその変化に追いついていけていないこと、親たちの間にも自分達と他者といった意識を持ってしまっている人が少なからずいることを聞きました。近所の市の高校で教える友達の話でも、似たようなことが起こっていて、越境通学(この地域ではSchool of choiceと言い、デトロイトダウンタウンなどのエリアから、よりよい教育を求めて、親が毎日高速道路で送り迎えをしている高校生たち)とそれに対する一部の親たちの反発、学校内での喧嘩について話してくれました。また、中学の先生の友人は、授業でパレスチナ問題を話す時、ユダヤ教とイスラム教の学生がいるため、とても繊細なトピックで、中立的な立場で教えることが思っているよりも難しいこと、また高校の先生の友人は、学校の必読書である本に黒人の差別用語が多用されているのですが、この本が書かれた背景などをきちんと話すけれど、しかし自身はその言葉がいかに歴史的に使われていても、実際に口にすることさえ自身ははばかっている現実などを教えてくれたのでした。




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