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Holy river

Somehow, I started tearing when I reached there.

It has been awhile to cry in public after seeing something. In fact, it was only the second time for me this happened. The first time was when I looked at the African continent from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Well, I cry more easily than a normal person. People are amazed when they see me crying for any small happiness and sadness. Still, I don't cry without a reason. I rarely cry just looking at some scenery. This rare experience happened to me when I saw the holy river of Ganga.

One of the biggest motivation to visit India was to go to holy river of Ganga. For hindu, this is where people wish to come at least once in their life time. For those lucky ones who live close to the river, this is their bath, place for their laundry, meditation and the place where they all want to return once they die. Life and death are surreally real.

When I arrived to the Varanasi station, I couldn't believe what was there. The darkness, without enough illuminations, the only thing I could see was something moving in a monotone ocherous color. They were humans. When I looked carefully, they were humans on the floor. They were sleeping in the dark ocherous blankets wearing ocherous colored clothes. The white parts of their eyes were unearthy. I guess the place was just too dark and those people were just waiting for a train. Still, I wasn't so used to this atomosphere of two hundreds eye balls looking directly at me in darkness.

After a few hours of sleep, I headed to Ganga river to see sunrise. Outside was still dark but noise of people walking toward river prevailed. The sounds were coming from the locals, Thai priests in orange clothes, tourists and people selling twigs of teeth-brush trees.

Coming close to the river, I heard the bell and chanting from Hindu temple. The chanting echoed around and getting closer to the river, in this bell and chantinng echos, my eyes were dimmed with tears. I am not Hindu but this atmosphere is just so special and spiritual.

The sun came up and by the time, the echos of bells and chanting were so selene. People in the water prayed. I was just a tourist who visited there for an hour. Still, I could feel clearly that power of life and death were all there.

The river made me shed tears without any reason. Maybe, the river is so holy because anyone who goes there notices how small his/her existence is but also notices that even a drop of your tear could be a part of this big holy river.
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India: From Tokyo time to Indian time

f0079502_0593476.jpg Unlike what Michael Ende came up with the idea of "time bank" in his best seller children's book "Momo", we can't save our time to saving account in time bank. Such a bank doesn't exist or at least it is invisible to my eyes.

Bank doesn't physically exist, yet it may exist in humans' mind depending on which society you live and what the society requires you to be; for example in Tokyo or any other "advanced and developed countries".

So here I am from a land of rising sun or to be precise, from a land of time bank existing in people's mind. A person from such place is so used to using time in the most efficient way. The issue is when such a person is put in a place where time concept differs.

Round 1: Japanese girl vs Air India from Tokyo to Delhi
So it was another usual day for Air India. Due to some electric issue, flight from Tokyo to Delhi took off late. Quiet and nice passengers didn't complain a word and sat calmly in the plane sitting at the gate in Narita as long as 5hours. Well, not every passenger but almost everyone except a Japanese girl and a Swedish papa. They fought with flight attendants, JAL ground crews and even captain. They were vigorous and courageous. Unfortunately, a Japanese girl (who was too tough that crews believed she was a tour guide) and a Swedish who was a father of 2 children didn't know such fight never solved any issue. Air India won.

The Japanese girl didn't know this was merely a start of deficit in her "time bank" account and break of "time saving" philosophy.

Round 2: Japanese girl vs Train from Agra to Varanasi

So the train came to Agra station and started to Varanasi at 11am in such a pleasant manner. A Japanese girl was first awkward with how friendly the local passengers could be but eventually enjoyed just being there. She enjoyed a chat with passengers, sharing her English newspaper and snacks until she found out the train was in delay for 5hours. The expected arrival time to Varanasi was 20pm but when the train finally arrived, it was 2am. A girl was beaten again.f0079502_1521218.jpg

The challenges continued so and so for a girl and she noticed something has changed in herself. After numerous fights and losses, she decided to cancel her "time account" in her mind noticing that was so useless.

Round3: Japnaese girl vs Night train from Varanasi to Delhi
Amazingly, the train arrived to Delhi "on-time" (Definition:"on-time" stands for 30mins to 1 hour30mins delay in India). The girl didn't care because she didn't have any "time account" anymore.

Round 4: Japanese girl vs Air India from Delhi to Tokyo
Again, amazingly the flight was "on-time" (For definition, please see above). The girl shed tears for such a surprising news. Who could believe Air India could ever fly "on-time".

So after a week of journey in Northern India, I have no more "time saving". Not only the deposits but the account itself was cancelled. It's impressive how human could get upset or happy with same thing depending on which society you are. It's interesting how you can upgrade or downgrade your time conciousness in each environment.

Just like "Momo", maybe I was too busy saving "time" in "time bank". It's great but sometime it could just be quite wonderful not to have such a concept.
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インド・ジャイプール 街の色、砂岩の色、人の色





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Happy new year to my friends who celebrate Luner New Year in Tokyo, Singapore, Korea and China at this time of the year! I will say this in advance so I will not miss it. Haa!

I just heard from my Singaporian buddy that for Luner New Year as well, people clean up their home before just like we all clean our house in Japan before New Year.

Hope you all have a relaxing time with your loved ones. Eat well and drink enough to capture all the joy and happiness coming to you for the new year.

I'm flying to Delhi, India tomorrow. Perhaps, Narita may be packed with people trying to get back to their home. Well, let me check eveyrone's face expression whether the travellers are stressed out or not. I bet everyone will have a happy face.
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今月もやってきました、このコーナー。このコーナーでは毎月、この人!という一押しの方について絶賛しようというコーナーです。題して、「Person of the month」!イエーイ。ヤッホーイ!





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"La reason d'etre"

I want to get married right now just because I want to enjoy the space there. I say this because the place doesn't seem to be opened to public but only to people who are thinking about or getting married there. The architecture is that astonishing.

Conceptualized and designed by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the church is made with stone and glass, which are metophorical to man and woman.

As Kendrick B. Kellogg said, the church looks so organic and I just want to be surrounded by the architecture!!

Stone church 石の教会
by Haruka_Miki | 2007-02-07 00:00 | 芸術

Human Nature

We put much time and effort to find negative points about others. On the other hand, we take the brilliant points on others as granted or often don't try to appreciate them enough.

Complains are often over-stated and exaggerated. That is in a way unforunate. However, that's a good news if we see matters differently.

In the world where people complain more than give compliments, a good comment then is really positive, genuine and valuable.
by Haruka_Miki | 2007-02-06 00:00 |